Sunday, March 11, 2012

East Coast Escapades

Top 5 things I will miss about the east coast:
5. Lack of Responsibility
Well, it wasn't quite that warm, but the sentiment is the same.
I had a week to tromp around the Big Apple and three other states in New England. It was a week well-deserved and completely void of papers to grade and ABC-gum to pry off of the underside of desks. 

Also, despite the chilly weather, my hands enjoyed the sabbatical from my old-school chalkboard and got moisturized with lotion whenever I gazed at them.

4. New York City -- you need to wear sunglasses at night walking around places like Times Square!

I had such a great time that I couldn't be bothered to think about how sore my feet were, how worn out my legs became from scaling the subway stairs as we commuted from Hoboken, NJ to NYC numerous times. Most noteworthy was the moment when we were trying to find public transportation to Hoboken from NYC. The lady at the bus station uttered only three words to me: "Follow the path."

I looked at her. She looked back at me, eyes uninterested in making further conversation. Her comment begged the question so I asked her, "Are you being metaphoric?" Turns out the New York version BART is the PATH, an underground train that runs with the subways and takes people from the city to New Jersey.

3. Brick buildings -- yes, they are more appealing than one would think.
Newbury Street, Boston
When I was first told about how crazy tourists were for staring at buildings it took me back to my youth growing up in Humboldt and Del Norte counties, "Home of the Redwoods."

At first I categorized brick buildings in the same as redwoods: something totally mundane that, when people just get over it, can enjoy their time. I should have remembered that after being absent from said Redwoods that I, too, fell under the spell of their wonder and beauty. The last time I made it up there was in 2004 and I couldn't stop staring at them and how gracefully they would sway in the wind... But to sum it all up, these buildings oozed with legacy and age and grace that is rare to see.

2. Taking pictures of wicked expensive stuff -- that's right. I'm a crafter and I gotta know what's hot and what's not.

As we strolled around Rockefeller Plaza I became increasingly aware of the fact that we were surrounded by expensive stores: an nth-level Macy's and... SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. I'd heard about this place, as I've heard of many expensive places, only in passing and I badly felt the need to share the same space with a different breed of people who bother to buy something with such a hefty price tag.

My findings included -- $1600 purses, $2500 dresses, and ... a whole floor dedicated to fur garments that I purposely avoided. I didn't even bother looking at the shoes.

I don't think this requires many words... They were steamed then baked with a pile of delicious bread crumbs and a saucerful of butter for each person.