Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Pirate Knits With Yarrrrrrn and Hunts for Purls

With the date of Stitches West (SW) fast approaching, this is what I imagine my brain has turned into:

A knitted I-cord brain stem could make for an EXCELLENT lasso!

Yes -- my brain has become a knit/crocheted mess! If my brain were made of yarn, its fiber content would change with the season. Right now it is 100% Peruvian highland wool, thinking of warm thoughts and keeping dry in the downpour of rain that is being experienced in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have started a Knit List (teehee) of things that I want to search for this Saturday at SW. Last year I went in not knowing what to expect; I did stock up on many different yarns and accessories and books that I wanted to explore, but I feel like I had no direction. I was just groping at anything I could get my paws on, like so many eager children I used to view with envy on Nickelodeon as they blazed through a Toys 'R' Us on a competitive shopping spree.

The space in Santa Clara is so huge that one feels the need to rush through the aisles, and it's dizzying to weave in and out and try to see everything. With some guidance and a few modest goals for garments to knit this year, I feel like I have a chance to get a lot of loot this year that will go to good use.

Until then, I've managed to abstain from getting too many new knitting accessories -- with the exception of some beautiful sock yarn from the lys in WC.

And researching how to make pigs fly; you KNIT them!

Today at lunch is Crafting Circle; so far it's me and one other crocheting [male] student. All ya'll gotta get off Academic Probation, ya hear? No more lunch detention for you -- you belong with me, crafting into infinity! 

There are some pretty creative folk that I'm sad to say are victims of education, or their own sloth, or both.

Or perhaps it's because their teachers are spending too much time blogging and not updating grades.

. . . 

To the grade book!

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