Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm happy to say that I'm going to be turning 27. It's pretty special stuff since 27 is a cubed number (3^3 = 27), and Cubic Birthdays are something to make a big deal out of.

Cubic Birthdays are something experienced so rarely; the last time was 19 years ago when I turned 8 (2^3), and won't experience again for another 37 years, "when I'm 64" (4^3), and if I'm lucky enough, 61 years after that will give me 125 (5^3) years.

(Note: Isn't it cool how the difference between each of these cubed numbers is prime?)

I just want to keep this blog entry short and sweet -- this past year at 26 (nothing too special; just a multiple of 13) held so many fun memories, comprised of a few major "firsts:"
  • First year contributing to the Horrorthon blog
  • First trip out of the country to El Salvador
  • First time to the southwest (Albuquerque, NM) -- also my first time traveling alone, with the exception of road trips from the SF Bay Area to Ukiah to visit my parents.
A fun "second:"
  • Second year attending San Francisco's Zombie Prom
And a continuation of other things like Yoga, knitting and my career as an educator. Such great things life is made of, folks.
I was proud of this pina I acquired in Suchitoto.
1 of 2 proms we attended that year -- this was for my school; the second...
... Zombie Prom! It's gonna be hard to top the KISS zombies.
One achievement I'm proud of was supporting the 2011 graduates on their trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios (not JUST 'cause I got to go with them...)
My favorite photo of 2011 -- and it's spectacular coming from my archaic phone. I got the opportunity to participate in the SF Exploratorium's Teacher Institute and got to see this every morning.


  1. Hi Crystal! I'm stalking your blog! I had no idea you had one of your own. I wanted to see your new avatar so clicked and ended up here. The Exploratorium is one of my all time favorite places.

  2. Cyber-stalking of this nature is definitely welcome, DCD! ;-)

    After my own site was shut down I realized I could start one for free on Blogger so I did! :-D